Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice Reboot

Hello my friends,

Again a bad blogger with far too long between posts. I promise I'll be by more often especially as my training picks up. 

It's the Summer Solstice and as I live in an area that experiences true winter it's always nice to embrace summer. It's time for a health and fitness reboot. I actually began this reboot last week. 
I rejigged my training plan starting this past Monday and rejigged it again for this week to train for my upcoming races and train for this game we call life. 

BodyJam & BodyPump
Walk with Friend, if not walk at Gym
Run/ Walk 
Yoga or 
 Run/ Walk (depending on training plan)
Long Run 

I need to build strength and flexibility for this upcoming Dopey not just cardio.

The back to back BodyJam (think Zumba to hip hop music) and BodyPump (free weights focusing on muscle group per song i.e. biceps, triceps, chest, squats/ lunges) totally kicked my patootie.  Had zero idea of what I was doing in BodyJam, just like Zumba, but it was fun. The two BodyPump classes this past week had feeling muscles I forgot I had. 

Got a new running log, Hello Kitty and Batman were on sale. Hello Kitty just didn't seem appropriate for the marathon, 4 half marathons, 4 10Ks and 4 5Ks I have planned from now till January.  So Batman it is.

Just a matter of days until the annual Calgary Stampede rolls into town.  I was actually down on the grounds for the Theresa Caputo Experience on June 11th and saw that set up has begun. Now it doesn't officially start until July 3rd with the parade.

Now I had expressed interest in being a pacer for the parade which means walking the 4km route along the horses. After thinking about it for awhile I opted not to do it. I'd much prefer to watch it on tv in my pajamas and go for a run afterwards. It’s my tradition to make pancakes  on parade day as during the 10 days of Stampede you can find a free pancake breakfasts every single day, actually there’s an app.  My personal favourite is when they put the cooked bacon inside the pancake…oh yes.

Just celebrated a birthday and was humbled by all the birthday messages on Facebook and Linked In. I’m still mistaken for being 15 years younger than my actual age. I've stopped correcting people J

The 2 year anniversary of my Dad’s passing was on June 16th, while that was a bit of a tough day I'm feeling more like myself than ever before.  I figured out my plan for his house as well. It took me this long to get my head around it and at peace with it. He actually died on Father's Day in 2013 so today was a bit rough as well. 

Our beloved WW leader stepped down as she had too many commitments which I totally respect, but lately is been all substitutes with a promise the new leader is starting the following week and to me the leader makes the meeting. Finally met her on Saturday and she seems cool, her day job is meditation coach which I think is very cool. In fact I love this month's topic in the WW meetings focusing on being mindful. 

Though I do have to say my meeting peeps are great, we've bonded and have a really good interaction.  For the last few weeks I was without them but they were all there last week and with summer approaching it attendance will get spotty. I need to find an alternate meeting for when I go to Dad's house, either earlier on Saturday at a different location or downtown on Thursday mornings. Not sure what I'll do next weekend, I'm leaning towards checking out another location. 

I entered a swelfie (sweaty selfie) contest to win free stuff from SportChek, can't win if you don't enter.

I cancelled my Christmas Cruise as I realized a cruise a few weeks before Dopey is not the wisest plan with all that food and drink. I couldn't imagine doing 20 miles worth of laps on the boat either. I might still go away but after checking out a few options it sure is pricey to travel solo during high season. Our office is closed for two weeks in December, maybe I’m ready to face a Christmas at home and get a tree. We shall see.

So now you're all caught up with me. Back to BodyJam and BodyPump tomorrow. 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

I can do it and Tinkerbell

Hello my friends,

I know I totally suck as a blogger only dropping in once a month.

A lot has happened lately and my brain is in a bit of a spin.

So the last time I dropped by I had just signed up for Dopey this still running around my brain but I’m super excited about this challenge.

Meanwhile I went to do the Pixie Dust Challenge at Disneyland. It was the first time I’ve ever done a RunDisney 5K that started in the park.

At first I was totally confused as there was no corral on my bib, so I just made sure to be there when it opened.  As the race announcers talked they did refer to corral A, B and C. So in this case entirely dependant on when you arrived.

It had rained which made parts of the park uber slippery so I took it slow.  A super fun part was we were instructed to crow whenever we saw Peter Pan’s shadow and throughout the back lot they had projected images of Peter Pan. Well my crow sounds more like a rooster but it was super fun just as you came around the corner you’d hear crowing so you knew there was a Peter Pan.

Saturday was the 10K, I’ve done this one before and it was an enjoyable run. My favourite part of this one is were coming through California Adventure and a Pirate tried to haggle with me – “Arggh you keep the shadow and I’ll keep the gold” but my reply was “Argghh – no deal!”.  He called me a smart pirate.

Sunday was the half and it started out coolish but soon heated up.

Now I discovered when I laid out my run stuff that I again forgot the doohickey that attached to the heart monitor strap. My downfall is I wash the strap before and of course have to take that part. I didn’t check the strap and alas no HR capabilities. Now the last time this happened at Avengers I actually bought a new HR strap, well it was an improvement on my current one. Now this time I did check to see if there was a strap but there wasn’t so I ran without it. 

I’m typically always get a bit of chafing on my upper right arm just above the arm pit. I always thought that due to the HR strap as the closing part is right there. Wow this time it was pretty bad and all because of the sleeve on my RawThreads shirt. It seems like HR strap actually prevented it a bit.
My strategy for chafing is diaper cream first then when it starts to heal and crust over I switch to Vaseline. It drove me bananas when I got home because it was constantly rubbing against clothes but it’s finally mostly healed.

The following weekend I went to a Hay House “I can do it” conference in Edmonton. The original appeal was a chance to see Dr. Wayne Dyer in person but the two days were awesome. Out of 10 speakers I only found 2 a little meh.

I came home with a ton of books and homework, and quite a few aha moments. I really enjoyed Robert Holden as he’s got a great sense of humour while still relaying a poignant message.

There was a medium by the Colette  Baron-Reid that gave me goosebumps.  I know that not everyone believes in this sort of thing but I found the experience sincere.

Anita Moorjani was incredible describing her near death experience. 

I came home on Monday with my brain and heart full. The primary message we need to love ourselves and get the ego out of the way.

A lot of them also spoke of weight loss especially the self sabotage we bring on ourselves. For me that really comes down to self love. I sabotage because I’m scared of succeeding. Why am I scared of succeeding? Part of me thinks is I don’t know a skinny me, having been chubby all my life.

I need to let that go, if I honour my health and well being then I’ll discover who I am on the path.